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Sacred Simplicity

The writing of Sacred Simplicity was inspired by the passing away of my brother, who left our family at the tender age of 27. His departure from our lives lead me to a search into new realms to obtain answers about what happens after one has passed on. After all the researching, I honestly cannot say that I understand any of it. Death remains a mystery and I guess it is meant to be that way. What I did learn though is that one should endeavor to live their best life each day, to be the very best that one can be. Building one’s inner strength is crucial in our mostly cruel world. I learnt that prayer and meditation are core to my obtaining peace of mind. It has required immense resolve, dedication and commitment to achieve this milestone in my life. I sincerely hope that there is something in the book for each reader to take with them that can somehow help them to find whatever it is they are searching for.

Verona Duwarkah

Inspiring Novelist

Verona is an experienced media professional, having worked in the broadcasting industry for almost 30 years. She has held various senior positions such as Group Executive for Television at the SABC as well as CEO of Urban Brew Studios, one of the largest TV production studios on the continent. She has also consulted for media companies internationally. After leaving the corporate space during 2018, she now works as a Board member, Consultant and Advisor to various organisations. She also serves as a Business and Life coach to small businesses and aspiring individuals.

Verona’s desire has always been to provide services in the Wellness space. She is passionate about personal development and transformation and has also written her first book called Sacred Simplicity on the subject. She has studied courses in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Meditation, is a Certified Life Coach (including Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP techniques) and attended numerous personal development seminars to enable her to achieve her goal. She is also the founder of the Blue Topaz Wellness Centre – a space that will be dedicated to the Healing of the Soul. One of the services she offers is NLP & Life Coaching – a skill that she has mastered through the years of business experience as well as academic certification, including her Honours Degree in Business Management.

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